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All services are available à la carte.

All services are available à la carte.

Company sends customer order to HealthyBOS for document collection

Patient and doctor information on order is validated systematically through the HealthyBOS platform using the following databases:

  • NPI database
  • HealthyBOS internal doctor fax database
  • database

Doctor’s office is called by our team of medical professionals to let them know the prescription is coming

Prescription is faxed to doctor using a prescription template designed by HealthyBOS, based on compliance factors and response rate optimization and approved by the Company

Wait for a response from the doctor. All inbound calls from doctor’s offices about the prescription can be taken by HealthyBOS

Quality check signed prescriptions against product compliance requirements

Follow up with doctor on required medical notes and testing documents

Scan, transmit or data enter orders into client systems

Verify insurance by calling or utilizing online verification systems

Conduct pre-authorizations using online insurance systems or faxing to insurance companies

All patient customer service calls can be handled by HealthyBOS

We have a highly automated, proprietary system that allows us to conduct these services in a very efficient manner. We get the work done right, and we save you money!

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